Tuesday, 4 November 2008

garage band

We have all had a go at making a theme tune for our thriller, but none of us agreed on any of our garage band songs. Will started making a great theme tune on garage band and as a group we all decided to keep it and use it as it sounds a little bit creepy. Adding the garage band theme tune to our thriller it really makes the thriller a thriller and adds a bit of tension within the change of the beats.

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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Rough Cut Reveiw

After watching our rough cut it is clear we still have a lot to still do. However overall we are happy with the footage we have got. What we still need to do is...

Sound Track
Finish editing the film and put the rest of the shots in place
Add further background sound
Shorten shots, so can fit sequence into the right amount of time
Put Titles in

Rough cut

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

some things not in story board

When looking at our storyboard you can see that some of the pictures in our story board we do not have in our thriller. We have not changed so much so our storyboard still has the basic outline of our thriller but our actual film has a lot more detail to it.

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second shooting of our thriller out in linton (Will)

On the 20th October evening as a group we went back to our filming destination with our actors and filming cast and did more filming really to make our thriller amazing. We had some disadvantages though, our Actress could only do Monday's and annoyingly the weather on that night was a bit rainy and wet and the night we filmed before the weather was dry. So when adding things together we realise somethings looked a bit silly but we have made it work and we have made the film based on a wet night and only use the dry scenes when needed. We have added some new different shots to our film which are really going to make it a thriller. All of these different shits build up tension to make it seem like a thriller.

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Title Sequence

1. 'Dope House Pictures Presents'
2. 'A .......... Production'
3. 'An ......... Picture'
4. 'Emily Day'
5. 'Henry Wade'
6. 'William Wade'
7. Director of Photography ...........
8. Casting by .........
9. Costume Designer ...........
10. Music By.........
11. Film editors.............and...........
12 Production Designers ............
13. Produced by ...........and...........and...........and.......and
14. Written by .......
15. Directed by...........

Finish and make up names for cast.


Monday, 20 October 2008

Shot list

Shot list:

shooting date: 20/10/2008
meeting time: 6:00 pm
Meeting point: Gareth Bowens House
Start of shooting and where: 6:15 pm outside the Crown pub in Linton

We have already filmed our opening sequence but we need to add some extra shots in we missed out.

Shot 1: close ups of (Emily Day) walking down the alley way just before she has turned the corner. We will have approximately 4 close ups. approximately 7 seconds for each shot.

Shot 2: Emily day and Gareth Bowen outside the drink talking as friends, with drinks in there hand. We will have 3 shots of different camera angles with them talking. This will be approximately 10 seconds. We may not use all the shots.

Shot 3: long and high shot of the two stalkers taking Emily.1 shot. approximately 8 seconds.